Lyft bolsters to 100 new cities in the US, Uber at risk

cities in the US

Uber is a world renowned ride-hailing organization; it has been around 6 years since they started their business as a peer-peer sharing economy organization. Now they are with ever growing and expanding the business line and a huge amount of revenue racking up. It is said that the service is available in around 581 countries, which is the kind of reach which they have at present.

Its rival, Lyft is providing its service in the United States alone; it is more oriented towards America. The company in the year 2012, it has been just 4 years since they have started their business in ride-hailing. They have served around 300 different countries so far since they started their business endeavor. In January 2017, the company decided to expand its business in another 100 cities in the US.

Recently, on February 23rd they stated that they will be expanding in around100 more cities in the United States. It is evident that the competition for Uber is going to get really tough with the expansion of Uber. Though, as a matter of Uber has its service available throughout the world. When we consider the fact that, in the US it is Lyft which would be playing the major role in this particular ride-hailing service.

The service is on-demand and it is one of the prominent reasons why the company has decided to expand its venture. It has planned to expand to 100 more cities, but as of now, they have decided to launch the service in 94 cities alone. The list of cities would include Florida, Pensacola, Springfield, and Mass, Fargo, North Dakota, Iowa City, Iowa and a lot more.

This particular expansion leads to 94 new markets for the organization and adds up the total as 300 cities on the whole. On the website, it is said that the people from the city of Iowa can completely rely on Lyft. They will be able to find a ride for themselves to take them to their destination safe and sound at an affordable price. The correspondent Mary Caroline Pruitt for Lyft said that she is excited and thrilled in providing the service to the people of Iowa.

Apart from that, the company is working towards a progressive for the people who take a ride with Lyft. There are trying to provide a service which is different from the normal ones which people would get on a normal ride. They want the riders to experience the complete ride in a unique and subtle way. The feedbacks which they receive from their customers say that the rides are more enjoyable and heartwarming as well.

On the flip side, the spokesperson for Lyft did not say anything in regards to their expansion in the city of Iowa. Instead, they have taken a look at their rival company’s ways of providing the service in that particular vicinity. It is clear that the company wants to provide the people a better, comfy and cozy experience with their rides.

They want to keep it at ease, the rider would swipe through an option on the app and their ride is on its way. The best part of the launch which the company has made is that at the very beginning of the year they have expanded to large masses of people. It is for sure a big lead for the company to make huge revenue and apart from that make a sustainable service for the people as well.

Jaime Raczka, the head to the early stage markets and expansion stated that they will be continuing this swift growth of expansion in their business with Lyft. They are concentrating one two dominant factors, which is safety and affordability. It is evident that these two factors are the selling point for them and they will make sure that they are providing the best of it.

The company stated that this particular expansion of their service is by far the largest of all the expansions they have done so far in these past 4 years. This is to keep up with their competitor who has been expanding their service to no ends. It is going to be making a real good business after the never ending speculations and allegations which have been made against Uber.

In fact, the beginning of 2017 for Uber has been a rough one and is going through one as of now. On the other end, we can see that Lyft has taken off on a high note with its expansion. There has been a certain speculation and on the Twitter platform a tweet went off saying “#DeleteUber”. This particular thing has been a coincidence, with their expansion to almost 100 cities in the US.

With a particular tweet which said that there will be no surge pricing and the service for the riders are available but need to wait, did have the people agitated. This was when the local taxi drivers protested against the executive order which was passed by Trump to ban to the 7 prominent Muslim national countries in JFK Airport New York City.

We can say that, with this one particular gesture, Uber had pulled itself into a pit and apart from that, it made a way to bring new users to the base for Lyft. On the flip side, Lyft donated 1 million dollars to an organization who is against this order. This has the people and in the thousands of tweets which they shared on Twitter, they clearly made a statement saying that they are deleting Uber and going to use Lyft.

Unfortunately, the phase which Uber is going through doesn’t seem to be a good one. The year started off on a bad note and they are struggling hard to get back to their position. It is a fact that Uber is all over the world and Lyft is still in the US. But, they have taken a progressive step towards their expansion and we can expect the service to be made available across the different parts of the world.

The company does lag far behind Uber, which is available in more than 550 cities around the world. It is just now that they have reached the 300 mark and that is the United States alone. In a span of 4 years, they have definitely come a long way and there are yet to go far. An undeniable fact here is that this expansion is going to go beyond someone who would have ever expected it to happen.

Another fact which cannot go unnoticed is that comparatively Lyft fewer speculations against itself to that of Uber. A freshman from the University of Iowa stated that he is very excited about the expansion of Lyft. There are many options for the people to choose from and the main reason a rider would switch to Lyft would be the price which they will be paying for their ride. Snoota is a software product developed by his company that has launched Taxigen script which is a Uber Clone Script with Android and iOS apps.

It is true that any business expansion would be a successful one when they are providing services at an affordable price which would be lesser than the one they are presently using. Lyft would have considered this fact and we might presume that the prices for the rides would be comparatively lesser. It is very clear that Lyft has grown to an extent that it is absolutely a big threat to the business for Uber which it has in the US. It will take time for Lyft to catch up, but it is definite that it is going to be a tough competition to Uber. Uber needs to watch out for itself. Fingers crossed!!!

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