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A portable phone is something which has helped millions of people across the world to stay connected with their friends and family. If we look back at the moment when a telephone was actually introduced to the world, it was something real big and enormous. None of us actually were expecting something of this enormity to be happening, but it did happen, and now we can see that most of the human race owns a portable phone.

Online trading has become a common factor in this particular generation. We can find any kind of commodity online, be it a toothbrush or home appliance or clothes; there are possibilities for us to be able to find almost from everything to anything. At present, most of the people have started to shop for products online rather than walking into shopping malls or departmental stores.

They feel that it is more hassle free and we can shop at our own leisure pace, and the best part is that the costs of the product are more reasonable and affordable. There are many different most happening online shopping and trading websites. Each one of the website does possess its own specialty, and there are millions of people who are using these websites on a regular basis.

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With the changing trends, people have upgraded themselves from normal handheld phones to smartphones. It is said that at present 80 percent of the adult population does own a smartphone. The smartphone is a device which is helping millions of people across the world to stay connected by different; it does not only hold the making calls or sending text messages, there are a plethora of things which we can do with a simple smartphone.

eBay is a place where we can see that the people, who are in the field of business, have got their products on this particular online trading platform. It is said that there around 1 billion items which have been listed on the website. Apart from that fact, there are around 167 million users of eBay and 25 million sellers of the products.

It is considered to be one of the biggest online platforms where the products are sold at reasonable and affordable prices. They started off their business in September of the year 1995, it is now 21 years down the lane, and they have come a long way. We can clearly see that it has reached the heights of stardom in being one of the best online shopping websites. Their revenue is around 8.97 billion dollars as of the year 2016, and we can be sure of the facts that the profits are on the rise.

At present, there are different kinds of sale which are happening on these websites, one of those is the “Quick Sale.” It is a place where people can sell their used products at a discounted rate under the quick sale. There are many different ways n which one can sell the used products. eBay clone script has been one such place where people sell their products in a conventional way.

It is now the time for the people who have used phones and are in plans of selling them through eBay. The best part here is that eBay will be buying all the used phones which have been put up by the users. There is no requirement for them to do the selling, all they need to do is sell it on eBay, and it will buy the product. The recent quick sale of the firm accepts the used devices of the almost all the brands of the cell phone manufacturing companies.

The brands which the users can make the online trade with are Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, ZTE, Motorola, apart from these, there are other smaller brands like DOOGEE, Pantech, Blu, Kyocera which the users can get it sold on eBay. The user needs to answer a few questions before they are selling their phone through. Once they have answered the questions on the website which has been posed to them, they will receive an estimate for the price for which they can sell their device.

Each device will have different estimates made, as it will be done based upon the features, color, brand and storage capacity of the device. Depending on these factors the price for the said device would be fixed, and if the user is happy with the estimated price, then they can get it sold on eBay. The best part of the deal is that the user will be receiving a shipping label for free of cost to their address.

All the user needs to do is pack the device in a secure manner along with the shipping label and send it. The sale of the device will be done through the “eBay Valet service”; it is a place where the user’s products are being sold on their behalf. Once the device is delivered to the warehouse of eBay, it will completely check the condition of the device.

Once they are sure that the device is in good condition, they will pay the person who has sold the device to them. The process of getting credited for the device which has been sold to eBay would take around 7 to 10 business days, from the day the device has been sent for sale at eBay. A quick look through was taken to know, how much the seller would get paid for a used device.

One of the sellers stated that they were offered 311.50 dollars for an iPhone 6S with 128 GB capacity if the device was in good condition. Meanwhile, the other e-commerce organizations quoted lesser amounts; Gazelle offered 230 dollars and Glyde the famous online platform for buying and selling offered 361 dollars.

At present, this is made available only for the people who would like to sell their used devices. While the sellers are being able to make money, by just answering to these questions, how is eBay actually making money? This is an intriguing question, which needs to be answered. Let us consider an iPhone 6 16 GB in good condition is sold at 253 dollars and the market price of the same device on the site says as 422 dollars.

As a matter of fact, there is a profit of around 169 dollars, which does not include the shipping and manual work. This clearly shows that the company is making a huge amount of profit with the Quick Sale. It is making hundreds of dollars with this purchase of used devices from its consumers, and it is not a hidden truth. But still, we can say that the sale which the users are making is worth the try.

Users are well aware of the fact, when they are listing their product, there a whole lot of things which they have to go through to get it sold and made some money. They need to make sure that, there are no scammers, sending the phone with an insurance cover and get it delivered to the consumer on the other end. Now, eBay has come as a rescue for the people to sell their used phones in a more safe and secure way, all thanks to eBay.

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