10 Ways an Environment influences the Student’s Academic Progress

A significant question which has been asked and answered for numerous times over the years has been that under what environment children are able to perform their best. Is it either under pressure that they do well at their studies or should there be a cooperative environment, filled with fun, for the purpose? A plethora of studies have been carried out regarding the issue, with multiple researchers coming up with their arguments about the best-suited environment for children to study in.

This article holds that an engaging environment should be developed in institutes so students are able to learn in a relaxed atmosphere; an environment which ensures healthy competition, binding collaboration, and fruitful participation from every individual. For instance, students should offer Assignment Help, to their peers so that the latter progress at their education too.

In this post, we have shed some light on the effects which follow both positive and negative environments in an institute. Brief details of these influences are given below.

Positive Influences

When the environment is student-friendly, children tend to relax and feel at home. In such a condition, they are able to perform at the maximum of their potentials. A positive environment ensures following influences on a child:

  • Motivation to achieve: The first thing which comes with a healthy atmosphere is motivation. Students are motivated to learn more and get better when the whole environment is encouraging.
  • Healthy competition: A healthy competition is established among the students with each individual ready to give out their maximum. This helps students grow and do better not only in education but in extra-curricular activities too.
  • Mutual Collaboration: Competition isn’t the only thing which comes with a positive environment. When the atmosphere is positive, children tend to develop good relations as well. This helps them find like-minded people thus helping them learn in a better way. Like, children cooperate and provide Assignment Help, which further helps them improve grades.
  • Better tutor-learner relations: Apart from student to student relations, student to teacher relations also improve when the environment is friendly and positive. This way, teachers can connect with the students in an efficient manner thus improving the overall experience for everyone.
  • Disciplined lifestyle: Lastly, the thing which comes with a positive environment is a disciplined lifestyle. Discipline is of central importance in succeeding at life. Students learn time management, work management, and abilities which help them balance personal and professional lifestyle.

Negative Influences

Similar to positive environment bringing positive influences, discouraging influences follow a negative environment.

  • Low self-esteem: A negative environment, one with bullying and leg-pulling, comes with low self-esteem and lack of confidence among students.
  • Bad grades: Due to several reasons, there occur increased absentees from classrooms which lead to bad grades.
  • Rage and hatred among children: When the environment is negative, children catch the vibe too. This often results in hatred among students resulting in campus fights and other similar things.
  • Reversion to mal-habits: Children prefer to adapt drugs and other illicit activities due to a sickening environment around them.
  • Slow alienation from normal lifestyle: Lastly, a negative environment carries with itself lesser motivation to grow in life. This ultimately results in slow alienation from the regular lifestyle which is bad for the society on the whole.

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