Basic cost elements in Transportation

cost elements in transportation

There are four basic cost elements in transportation. Knowledge of these costs enables a shipper to get a better price by selecting the right shipping mode. The four basic costs are as follows: Line haul Pickup and delivery Terminal handling Billing and collecting Line-haul costs When goods are shipped, they are sent in a moving … Read more Basic cost elements in Transportation

Popularity of Online Stores

online stores

These days most of the people are turning online rather than visiting mom and pop stores to buy fashion products. This trend is prevalent across the categories whether it is fashion clothes, shoes, bags or any other fashion accessories. Online retail has been experiencing a double-digit growth or even higher across major economies for many … Read more Popularity of Online Stores

Concept of Logistics

concept of logistics

In a manufacturing enterprise, the business process starts with the flow of material from the suppliers to the manufacturing plant and then to the customer through the distribution channel. Traditionally in the functional organisation, the business process consists of discrete activities such as procurement, manufacturing, and distribution under the control of the respective departments. The … Read more Concept of Logistics

Physical distribution system and activities

physical distribution

Physical distribution is responsible for delivering to the customer what is wanted on time and at minimum cost. The objective of distribution management is to design and operate a distribution a system that attains the required level of customer service and does so at least cost. To reach this objective, all activities involved in the … Read more Physical distribution system and activities

Top Five Trends In Logistics Activities To Watch

logistics activities

In our definition, logistics is comprised of five interdependent activities: customer response, inventory planning and management, supply, transportation, and warehousing. Each activity and its objective are described briefly in figure below and in detail here: Read also: Concept of Logistics Customer response: Customer response links logistics externally to the customer base and internally to sales … Read more Top Five Trends In Logistics Activities To Watch